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Websites are not static objects; users expect them to change, stay up to date and remain dynamic. Perhaps you think your site has gone stale. Maybe it has never performed the way you hoped it would. Maybe you’d like to go in a new direction and explore new customer bases.

Let us take a look at your site. After getting information from you about your audience, site goals and concerns, we’ll conduct a thorough review of your website. The review includes but is not limited to design and layout, color scheme, navigation, ease of use, copy, sales performance, audience reaction and search engine friendliness. We’ll provide you with a written report that includes our review and recommendations and marketing strategies for your site. We’ll also spend time talking with you about the review and answering your questions about the review, our recommendations and your site.

The cost for this service is $595.00.

If you decide to hire us to redesign or work on your site, we’ll discount our services for you.

To learn more about our website review service, please contact us.

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We do not work without the upfront fee, (a contractual project) which means when we can start the project you need pay
upfront payment 30% then you can pay after finish the project. Visit how we work or contact us to learn more.

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